The Best Summer Handbags You Should not Miss


I am always proud to be one of those few who likes fashion weeks, especially when the summer season is approaching. The summer styles are so fascinating, and in the process, I am able to get some fashion tips which I am eager to incorporate into my own clothing and accessories. From what I have assembled so far, I have been able to come up with the list of the best summer handbags for women. You see, the size of our body doesn't dictate the styles of handbags that we can carry. We all want to be happy and so, we can style ourselves with any style of handbag that seems fit. The following are the hottest handbags that are worth consideration this summer.

Rebecca Minkoff Floral Applique Crossbody Bag

This is a bright elegant handbag that is well secured with zipper closure. Its roomy interior makes it fit for one to use as a camera bag. Its adorable looks are topped up by bright flowers, all different in colors; white, hot pink and red. The durability of this summer handbag is guaranteed as it is made of natural cowhide. This material, together with the decorative colors assures you that this handbag will still be elegant all-year round.

Anne Klein Floral Clutch Bag

Whenever I want to have a hot summer style, I choose to have a mixture of two patterns. With any of my casual outfits, I am always okay with Anne Klein Floral Clutch. This bag is made adorable by its bright colors; a grey background decorated with blue, pink and red flowers. In it, I can carry all my essential stuff, ranging from make-ups, lipsticks, phone and the key. The better part of it is that it is small such that I can securely tuck it under my arm.

Baginning Cute Woven Crossbody Bag

The best thing I usually enjoy is having handbags that have unique shapes. Such a bag is the baginning cute woven crossbody bag. The straw used to make this bag is quite special. The uniqueness in the bag is that it is handmade, with the materials used in making it including paper strings, corn husks, straw, vines, and aquatic plants among others. Its small size makes it easy to carry about. I can easily put in a few of my essentials, only that I have to be careful not to overburden it as the straw cannot bear the same weight as the leather handbags. If you want to have some fun, you can also get a lemon-shaped handbag also!

Steve Madden Theo Hobo Bag

This is a perfect summer handbag if you look for one in which to toss tons of your stuff. This bag is popular for its whip-stitching features which are made more adorable by their combination with Pantone's most favorite color, green. The bag has a woven strip inserted at the front, with a tassel enclosing a braided strap. An adjustable crossbody strap is also included in this bag as it doubles as a large crossbody handbag.

Image from splitshire
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